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International Service Projects - Benin and Ghana Borehole Water Project
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Borehole Water Project in Bante Region of Benin and Ghana


The Bante Region is located in the Department of Collines in the North-western corner of the Central area of the Republic of Benin in Western Africa. Benin ranks amongst the 20 poorest countries on the planet. The main source of employment in the area is subsistence level farming.


There are high rates of child mortality and malnourishment, low but increasing levels of school attendance (especially low amongst girls), high rates of disease (especially malaria, but also water borne diseases such as cholera, etc.), an increasing incidence of rural exodus towards urban centers, and numerous other problems linked to severe poverty and an exceptionally low standard of living.


The goal of this project is to put in borehole wells in two villages in the Bante Region: Gouka and Koko. In both locations, there are no sources of water in the vicinity.  Villagers (especially women) must spend hours walking to locations miles away in order to fetch water for household needs.  In many households, children (especially girls), are kept out of school so that they can perform this and other related chores.


In Gouka, creation of a borehole well will put a clean, sustainable source of water in close proximity to approximately 2,700 beneficiaries.  In Koko, the same goes for approximately 3,200 beneficiaries.


Local Rotarians will oversee construction of the wells, will assure that management is properly assured by the village committees, will visit the well sites quarterly for the first two years of the project, and will document and regularly report updates to International Partners.


A secondary borehole project has also been going on in t he village of Adaklu Wumenu, Volta Region, Ghana.   It will provide clean, fresh drinking water an significantly improve living standards. At present, women in Adaklu Wumenu travel five hours to collect water from the nearest source, a strem.  Many young women are unable to attend school because of the time spent transporting water.  In addition, pathogens in the stream water can cause river blindness.


The committe chair for this project is Davis Rotarian Benjamin Lawrance.


Map showing where Ghana and Benin are in Western Africa where the water projects are going on.


Water is found in the well being drilled in Ghana.  A successful borehole that

will soon be made into a drinking well for the entire community. 


Community members in Ghana making final repairs to their new well.  This is similar to the wells being constructed in the Republic of Benin in Western Africa.


President Achana demonstrating the pumping capability of their new well.


Local women in Ghana standing by as they await their turn to receive water for their families.