Meals on Wheels Schedule

Meals on Wheels is a volunteer program that delivers meals to senior citizens in the Davis community. The program is funded by donations and subsidies from local government.  The Rotary Club of Davis has been supporting this wonderful program since the 1970s.


Please notify J.D. Denton (530) 681-6049,, or John Siemens (530) 231-5057,, of any schedule swaps.

On your scheduled day, please show up at the Davis Senior Center at your assigned time, which will be either 10:40am or 10:50am, depending on the route. (Arrival times are staggered to reduce volunteer exposure during the Covid-19 pandemic.) Thanks for making a difference in the lives of the senior citizens we serve!


Rotary MOW Drivers: April 2021


 04/08  Coordinator: Greg Phister

            Peter Leon-Guerrero and Louis Below

 04/15  Coordinator: Paul Hart

             Gregory Phister and  Maurice Silva

 04/22  Coordinator: John Vaughn

            Jennifer Nitzkowski and Mark Berman

 04/29  Coordinator: Dave Scheiber

            Marissa Sirota and Allan Telford


Rotary MOW Drivers: May 2021

05/06  Coordinantor: John Siemens

            Harvey Yan and John Vaughn

05/13  Coordinator: John Siemens

            Samer Alassaad and Tim Ainsworth

05/20   Coordinator: Peter Leon-Guerrero

           Jonathan Bayless and David Macko

05/27   Coordinator: Allan Telford

            Dave Scheiber and Robert Crow


Rotary MOW Drivers: June 2021

06/03   Coordinator: Greg Phister

            Derraugh Dawson and John Denton

06/10   Coordinator Dave Scheiber

              Andrew Dowling and Louise Ferguson

06/17   Coordinator: Paul Hart

              Paul Hart  and Jeremy Higgins

06/24  Coordinator: John Vaughn

              Bruce Hartsough and Brian Horsfield


Rotary MOW Drivers: July 2021

07/01  Coordinator: John Siemens

               Rebecca King and Jeff Kowes

07/08  Coordinator: Peter Leon-Guerroro

            Jennifer Kukis and Paul Lacoste

0715   Coordinator: Allan Telford

            Peter Leon-Guerrero and David Macko

07/22   Coordinator: Greg Phister

              Anand Mamidi and Jennifer Nitzkowski

07/29   Coordinato: Dave Schieber

            Gregory Phister and Kay Resler


Rotary MOW Drivers: August 2021

08/05   Coordinator: Paul Hart

            Bill Roe and Dave Scheiber

08/12   Coordinator:John  Vaughn

            Sharon Shoemaker and John Siemens

08/19   Coordinator: John Siemens

            Maurice Silva and Marissa Sirota

08/26   Coordinator Peter:Leon-Guerrero

            Allan Telford and John Vaughn


Rotary MOW Drivers: September 2021

09/02   Coordinator: Allan Telford

            Harvey Yan and OPEN