Welcome to the Rotary Club of Davis 


  We meet most Mondays, 12:15pm to 1:15pm

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2018 Big Night, January 27, 2018

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Welcome to the ROTARY CLUB OF DAVIS.


Greetings from the President



Dear Davis Rotarians:


Welcome to another grand year!  Davis Rotary has many fine traditions, and a long history of success. I know that together we can achieve many wonderful things!  Working up to assuming the President’s office this last year, I’ve had so many exciting ideas, and so many good suggestions made to me, that I know there is so much to be done this year.  Together, we can make our Club worthy of our member’s commitment, dedication, and loyalty.


Membership is the emphasis of my year as President.  Growing and retaining members puts life and breath in the Club, helping us have fun, complete projects, and simply, help Rotarians make our world a better place.  I’m asking every member, whether you’ve been in the Club one year or thirty, to find two new members this year… reaching out to friends, acquaintances, and business associates.  Invite them to a Club meeting… to experience what a Rotary Club is all about!  As past Rotary International President Cliff Dochterman said at last year’s District Conference, when he was asked to attend a Rotary meeting for the first time… “I had no idea what Rotary was about, but I knew that I wasn’t going to pass up a free lunch.” So, we start with invitations to lunch, and look to add good, decent, reliable new members from every walk of life.


If you’re reading this and you’re not a member, or not even sure if you’d even consider membership, I encourage you do dig deeper and experience what our Club has to offer. I can’t promise you champagne and chocolates, but I think you’ll find that Davis Rotarians enjoy a strong sense of friendship, we keep ourselves informed with weekly speakers, and serve the local community though numerous projects, and even help with protecting health and humanity internationally.


Oh, and by the way, I’m very happy to offer champagne and chocolates, if that’s what it takes to celebrate every new member we add this year!  So, I look forward to seeing you at a meeting, or a fund-raiser, or a community project… and many other places where Rotarians can be found throughout our community.




Jonathan Bayless

President 2017-2018

Rotary Club of Davis




PS  There are two other Rotary clubs in Davis.  Click on these links for more information:   Sunrise and Sunset clubs.



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Ian Riseley - President, Rotary International
Gary Vilhauer - District Governor, District 5160
Jonathan Bayless - President, Rotary Club of Davis


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All Rotary clubs throughout the world are dedicated to the ideal of service to others.
We always welcome new members.· If you would like to learn more or to join us.  We will be happy to see you and the lunch will be on us!  or contact us Thank you for your interest in 
our organization.