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Members Section - MOW schedule
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Meals on Wheels Schedule

Meals on Wheels is a volunteer program dedicated to delivering meals to senior citizens in the Davis community.  The Elderly Nutrition Program is funded by donations and subsidies from local government.  The Rotary Club of Davis has been supporting this wonderful program for more than 25 years.  


For any changes, please contact J.D. Denton (530) 681-6049, email jdenton65@gmail.com or John Siemens (530) 231-5057, email jcsiemens@comcast.net.

Rotary Meals on Wheels Assignment: Please show up at 10:30am on the day you will deliver meals and you will be assigned a map of your route along with the food/drinks. Should take no longer than 45 minutes to deliver food. Thanks again for you help, it makes a "BIG" impact on those senior citizens you deliver food to!


Rotary MOW Drivers: February 20

  • Coordinator: John Vaughn

02/27: Gary Walgenbach and Louise Ferguson

02/28: OPEN and James Willett


Rotary MOW Drivers: March 2020

  • Coordinator: JD Denton

03/05: Harvey Yan and Timothy Ainsworth

03/06: Samer Alassaad and Sasha Collins

  • Coordinator: Peter Leon-Guerrero

03/12: Louis Below and Stephen Bick

03/13: Jennifer Chen and Ed Green

  • Coordinator:  Greg Phister

03/19: Paul Hart and Nicole Davis

03/20: Derraugh Dawson and Richard Donaldson

  • Coordinator: Jen Kukis

03/26: Andrew Dowling and Donald Fisher

03/27: Donald Fish and J.D. Denton


Rotary MOW Drivers: April 2020

  • Coordinator:  Paul Hart 

04/02: OPEN and Michael Goodman

04/03: Peter Leon-Guerrero and Roger Gambatese

  • Coordinator: John Siemens

04/09: Marissa Sirota and Ron Fisher

04/10: John Vaughn and Alan Telford


Rotary MOW Drivers: April 2020

  • Coordinator:  JD Denton

04/16: Tim Ainsworth and New Member

04/17: Mohini Jain and Gamani Jayaweer

  • Coordinator John Vaughn

04/23: Jonathan Bayless and Rebecca King

04/24: Bob Crow and Steve Bick


Rotary MOW Drivers: May 2020

  • Coordinator: John Siemens

04/30: Mark Kisting and Jeff Kowes

05/01: Denni Wilcox and Paul LaCoste

  • Coordinator Peter Leon-Guerroro

05/07: David Macko and Anand Mamidi

05/08: Angel Jennings and Jeremy Higgins

  • Coordinator:  Greg Phister

05/14: NEW MEMBER and Judy Ott

05/15: William Portello and Kay Resler

  • Coordinator:  Jen Kukis

05/21: Michael Robinson and William Roe

05/22: Richard Rose and Dave Scheiber

  • Coordinator:  Paul Hart

05/28: Wayne Schrader and Sharon Shoemaker

05/29: John Siemens and Maurice Silva


Rotary MOW Drivers: June 2020

  • Coordinator:  JD Denton

06/04: Virgil Smith and Marguerite Spencer

06/05: Ed Green and NEW MEMBER

  • Coordinator:  John Vaughn

06/11: John Thayer and Allan Telford

06/12:  Nicole Davis and James Willett

  • Coordiator: John Siemens

06/18: Gary Walgenbach and Timothy Ainsworth

06/19: Harvey Yan and John Vaughn

  • Coordinator: Peter Leon-Guerroro

06/25: Samer Alassaad and Louis Below

06/26: Jonathan Bayless and Stephen Bick


Rotary MOW Drivers: July 2020

  • Coordinator:  Greg Pfister 

07/02: Jennifer Chen and Sasha Collins

07/03: No MOW - (Day before) Independence Day

  • Coordinator:  Jen Lukis

07/09: Derraugh Dawson and J.D. Denton

07/10: Richard Donaldson and Andrew Dowling

  • Coordinator:   Paul Hart

07/16: Donald Fish and Ronald Fisher

07/17: Roger Gambatese and Michel Goodman

  • Coordinator:  JD Denton

07/23: Louise Ferguson and OPEN

07/24: Paul Hart and Bruce Hartsough


Rotary MOW Drivers: August 2019

  • Coordinator: John Vaughn

07/30: Peter Leon-Guerrero  and Brian Horsfield

07/31: Mohini Jain and Gamani Jayaweera

  • Coordinator:  John Siemens

08/06: Taylor Enders  and Rebecca King

08/07: Ron Kiedrowski and Jeff Kowes

  • Coordinator:  Peter Leon-Guerroro

08/13: Jennifer Kukis and Paul LaCoste

08/14: NEW MEMBER and Anand  Mamidi

  • Coordinator:  Greg Phister

08/20: Jennifer Nitzkowski and Gregory Ott

08/21: Michael Peterson and Gregory Phister

  • Coordinator: Jen Lukis

08/27: William Portello and Kay Resler

08/28: Michael Robinson and William Roe